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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

This page contains answers to common questions to make ease for our customers, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions and answers.

  1. How do I Pay Online ?
  2. Where can you ship my order ?
  3. How do I contact ?
  4. What is the diameter of the
      Mogogo ?
  5. Does your product has warranty?

How do I Pay Online ?

To pay online you just need your Major credit card (visa, Master, AmEx ) or use pay pal. 

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Where can you ship my order ?

You tell us where you like to send your order. You may order for your friend in Canada while you reside in USA but you have to pay the Canadian shipping cost. We send all orders as stated in the order online if your shipping address has changed or like to send to another location, we will have to verify and confirm before we ship the order.

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How do I contact ?

Feel free to contact us via email or phone at any time. We are here to support you with your concerns regarding niat products. Our contact information is listed under the support page just click here!

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What is  the diameter of the Mogogo?

The mogogo diameter is 17 inch. for more products info click the products information page

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Does your product has warranty?

Yes, you have One year warranty from the time you order the product. Refer to manual for details. For more information contact us at

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